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Affordable Large Folio Boxes for Client Images

Affordable Folio Boxes for Client Images From Black River Imaging

$190 for an 11"x14" box covered with fabric!? That's what I paid for my first  studio sample folio box. And that was the price with my studio sample discount. Without the discount the cost would have been about $240 with matts.  In todays economy photographers need to save money where they can. I needed a less expensive alternative  and I found it at Black River Imaging! BRI offers very nice 11"x14" fabric covered folio boxes in beautiful colors for $45. Visit to find out more information and to view all the cover  options.  These boxes can hold up to 16 matted prints. You can purchase the mats from They sell  packs of 25 matts for $42.  The matts come with backs to secure your prints.
I hope you found this post helpful.

Boudoir Clients Are Going To Flip For This New Product!


Boudoir clients typically purchase an album and not much more… That is until now!

I attended WPPI in March of this year. As always, hundreds of vendors crowded into the MGM Grand - Las Vegas, Convention Center to hawk their wares to the 15,000+ photographers in attendance, me included. All the products were beautifully presented by the vendors, but if you’ve seen one canvas gallery wrap…you’ve seen them all. One product, however, stopped me in my tracks! When I saw it, I knew it could be the next ‘Big Thing’ in boudoir photography product offerings.

Boudoir photos aren't meant for everyone to see, hence many traditional products that photographers offer such as; large wall prints, gift prints, gallery blocks, etc.  aren’t suitable for use to boost sales. Boudoir clients typically purchase an album and not much more… That is until now!

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Images look fuzzy on Facebook? try resizing them like this!

Images look fuzzy on Facebook? Try resizing them like this before you upload them. Finally a way for photographers  to get sharp clear images every time!

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I’m honestly amazed at the difference!!!


OMG, can’t WAIT to try this! I have tried a few different resizing actions, and they all still looked sucky on FB! Thank you for posting this!

How To Assemble Self Mount – Self Stick Albums by Robin Owen

Many photographers are hesitant to use self stick or self mount albums for fear of making a mistake and ruining them. I wanted to show you my technique for mounting them safely and easily.  I've only ever made one mistake and it was my fault because I wasn't paying a bit of attention to what I was doing at the time. I got sloppy. I really like these albums because they are well made, inexpensive and I can buy them in bulk and keep them in the closet ready to go for rush jobs. They also make the perfect little black book for boudoir photography shoots. They come in 3x3, 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10. I buy mine from Rice Studio Supply. You can buy them one at a time or in bulk  (12 to a box) and save 30% .

You will need a razor blade and a soft silky pice of material. A lens cloth will work or white silk gloves. The gloves help keep finger prints off the image. If you're not using gloves make sure to wash and dry your hands throughly before handling the images. You don't want to leave finger prints. Also make sure you are not distracted by other activities, pay attention to what you're doing!

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This is a great tutorial, Robin! I’ve tried self-stick albums before and had hit or miss luck. This technique looks very do-able! I will give them a shot! Thanks for all the good stuff you teach us!!!


Thanks for the tutorial. I have a 10×10 album made by TAP and what concerns me is that the actual adhesive area is a bit smaller than 10″x10″. Should it be exactly 10×10? Should I trim my prints to 9 7/8″? On the album you show in the tutorial, was the adhesive area exactly the same as the print size?

Hi there…
I wouldn’t trim them. Tap designed the albums to work with standard size prints. You shouldn’t have any problem as long as you take your time, and make sure you’re not distracted by anything when putting the album together. Good luck!

Thanks Kim!

Shooting Boudoir Photos Using Natural Light

This winter while on vacation in Florida,I had the opportunity to rent a room in this charming little house. The minute I walked through the front door, I fell in love with its architectural details and cottage-style coziness. My host, Chad, was kind enough to allow me to shoot in different areas of his home and even found a local model and her boyfriend for me to photograph.

The first location I chose to shoot in was this little reading nook tucked away in a back corner of the house on the second level. It was flooded with beautiful soft window light, the kind that’s just perfect for portraits. The walls were painted white and reflected the light evenly around the small room. No additional fill light was necessary. Throw pillows and a thick down comforter created a comfy place for my models to relax and pose for the camera.

Here are pull back images of the area where the photos were taken.


These first two images were shot while standing out on the deck looking into the house. One of the unique oddities of the cottage was that you had to climb out of the window to reach this particular deck. I loved it! Shooting from this angle gave me nice even light across both of my models.

For the following three images I had to cram myself into a small closet in order to get back far enough from my subjects.  You can't see the closet in the pull back shots, (it's hidden around the corner). From this angle,  the window, which is now directly behind them, adds a nice soft rim light around my models, Dior and Aaron, and gives the photos a slightly different look than the ones taken from outside on the deck.

Inspiration – Setting Up A Boudoir Studio At Home

I was in the mood to redecorate the studio recently and wanted to emulate the look of a boutique hotel without spending a lot of money. I must say I'm very happy with the results!  The bed came from a store called Big Lots. I was shocked to find something so beautiful for only $200!  I always keep an eye out for bargains and this was definitely a bargain. I added wheels to the bed so that I can easily push it  out of the way when I need to use the backdrops that are mounted on the ceiling. The queen size mattress came from Craig's List and I purchased it for $50. The little wicker dresser was my grandmothers. A fresh coat of paint brought it back to life.

The fake fireplace you see here came from an antique store. I was told it was once used in a store display. It adds depth to the room and in photos you really don't notice that it's not a real fireplace. I'm not sure what I paid for it but it wasn't much. I painted it white to match the other pieces in the room. I consciously chose to paint the furniture white so that it would reflect light from the window on the opposite side of the room.

The bed linens, small gray table, flowers, artwork and mirrors on the wall all came from Home Good Store. Total cost, just over $300

The white rug and chaise lounge came from Ikea. Together they cost about $400

I used  curtain track mounted to the ceiling and white curtains  to hide the ugly door that leads to my house. I pull the curtain to cover the door when I'm shooting. These tracks can be used to divide a room or hide ugly elements you don't want showing up in your photographs.

Here is a close up of the track. If you google hospital curtain tracks you will find many places that sell them online. Prices vary greatly so do a little research.  When comparing prices make sure you check to see if the hooks and rollers come with the track. Some sites sell them as add ons and they are expensive.  Ikea carries extra long curtains that will reach from the ceiling to the floor. That's where I purchased the white curtain in this image. You can also use these tracks to hang a muslin backdrop.

The Non-Refundable Deposit – Law For Photographers

This link is too important not to share!
You require a deposit from your wedding, portrait or boudoir clients but when they fail to show up for their photo shoot  or cancel their wedding one day before it's to take place, do you really get to keep the deposit? If your contract isn't worded properly the answer is probably no! Read more about it in this wonderful post by Legal Photo Pro - Law For Photographers.
If  you found this post useful please share it and leave a comment. Thanks guys!:)

Facebook Makes You Pay To Send PM’s To Non-Friends!

After receiving this notice I realized Facebook had  started charging people who are not your friends $1 to send you a PM or private message. If they refuse to pay their message goes into a folder called Other.  When I checked this folder I realized I had 71 old unanswered messages! It took me a few hours to sort through them, reply to everyone and to apologize for not getting back to them sooner. Facebook claims they are doing this to stop spammers but it sure would have been nice if they had made the folder more visible!

To find the other folder first go to your messages. 


Click on See All. 


Next to the Inbox you will find the Other folder.  


Many people are still unaware of the other folder. Please share this post with them and help spread the word. Some photographers I know missed messages from potential clients because their PM went into this hidden file.:(
If  you found this post useful please share it and leave a comment. Thanks guys!:)

Diffuse Harsh Window Light With Window Film



If you’re not lucky enough to have a studio with north facing windows that give off the beautiful, soft light photographers lust after, I’ve found a product that can help. It’s decorative window film by Gila which is sold at most home improvement stores. In the image above the window on the left has the film and the window on the right doesn't. As you can see from the harsh shadows on the floor, there's a dramatic difference in the quality of light. The image below shows what the film looks like once applied. The film has the added benefit of providing privacy which can be important when shooting boudoir. When it's no longer needed the film is easy to remove and won't damage your windows.


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